IEG Stats Clinic



The overall purpose of the open IEG Stats Clinic is to provide support and advice on statistical analyses. The idea is that anyone active at the Department of Ecology and Genetics can visit a colleague with some experience and perspective, to discuss statistical issues and get support or help to make progress.

We look forward to your visit!



What can you expect to get?

We are colleagues with some experience and knowhow relating to a wide range of statistical issues. We provide a forum for discussion and advice and can, hopefully, point you in productive directions or help you interpret the results of your analyses. We also welcome discussions about issues relating to experimental or sampling design, during the planning stage of your project.


What will you not get?

We will not run the analyses for you. Also, the Stats Clinic is meant to be reserved for statistical issues, such that some topics may fall outside of our ambitions.


Who is this for?

This is meant primarily for PhD students and postdocs, but anyone that feels that a discussion on a particular statistical issue might be useful is of course welcome! We can all get stuck and face statistical issues at times. For PhD students, we ask that they first discuss the issue at hand with their supervisor. For Master student projects, we ask that the supervisor (with or without student) visits us.


When is the clinic open?

The “clinicians” will have an open-door policy every Wednesday during terms, between 13.00 – 15.00, for the Stats Clinic.


Who do I go to?

You can visit anyone of us – our approximate experience is listed below. You do not need to book a time – you can just show up. This said, feedback might profit from an email explaining what you wish to discuss before the visit.


Who are we and where will you find us? (AE – animal ecology; EB – evolution biology; PEE – plant ecology and evolution)

- Göran Arnqvist, AE: general statistical issues, experimental design, general/ized linear models, multivariate statistics, power analysis, geometric morphometrics. Works with a range of different software.

- David Berger, AE: general statistical issues, experimental design, general/ized linear models, MCMC fitting, quantitative genetics, experimental evolution, implementation of analyses in R.

- Gustaf Granath, PEE: general/ized linear models, meta-analysis, multivariate statistics, structural equation modelling, spatial statistics, implementation of analyses in R.

- Arild Husby, EB: general/ized linear models, statistical genetics (quantitative genetics, association studies, linkage disequilibrium etc).

- Sophie Karrenberg, PEE: experimental design, general basic statistics, linear mixed models, implementation of analyses in R.

- Martin Lind, AE: experimental design, general/ized linear models, survival analysis, implementation of analyses in R.

- Pascal Milesi, PEE: general statistical issues, experimental design, general/ized linear models, association studies (GWAS, GEA), multivariate analysys.

- Douglas Scofield, EB: general basic statistics, linear and nonlinear models other than GLMMs, nonparametric statistics, experimental design, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, implementation of analyses in R.