Current members of the lab


  Göran Arnqvist - Professor

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Lab staff:

  Johanna Liljestrand-Rönn (from 2012) – Laboratory research engineer

Assistant Professors:

  David Berger (University of Stockholm, from 2012) – The genetics of metabolic rate and sex-specific fitness. See his homepage for more information!


  Elina Immonen (University of St. Andrews, from 2012) – Genomics of sex specific life histories and metabolic rate in seed beetles. See her homepage for more information!

  Ahmed Sayadi (Sapienza Universitŕ di Roma, from 2013) – Seed beetle genomics: de novo assembly and comparative genomics

  Helen Bayram (University of Liverpool, from 2015) – The evolution of seminal fluid proteins in seed beetles


  Zorana Kurbalija Novicic (University of Belgrade, from 2015) – Microevolutionary dynamics of mtDNA in D. subobscura


Phd students:

  Karl Grieshop (from 2012) – The genetics of metabolic rate and sex-specific fitness

  Ivain Martinossi-Allibert (from 2013) - Intralocus sexual conflict and adaptation to novel environments

Master students:

  Josefine Stĺngberg (2015) – Sex-specific mutational load

  Merel van Haren (2015) – Functional morphology of male genitalia in Callosobruchus subinnotatus

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Past members of the lab:


Karoline Fritzsche (former PhD student, graduated 2015) - The evolution of sex role reversal in Megabruchidius beetles.

Arash Moshtagh Askary (Master Student 2014) – Sex-specific metabolic rate in seed beetles.
Isobel Booksmythe (post doc 2012-2014) – Mating system evolution and mate choice in seed beetles. Now in Zürich.
Julieta Goenaga (post-doc 2012-2014) - Functional and proteomic assays of male accessory gland proteins in seed beetles. Now in Aarhus.
Takashi Yamane (post-doc 2013-2014) – Proteomics of male accessory gland proteins.
Marie Collet (Master Student 2013) The role of mitonuclear epistasis for reproductive senescence in seed beetles.
Christopher Watson (Master Student 2013) A comparative analysis of female reproductive traits in seed beetles.
Nikolas Vellnow (Master Student 2012) The effects of polygenic inheritance on the maintenance of sexually antagonistic genetic variation. Now in Zürich.
Erem Kazancioglu (post doc 2010-2012) Intergenomic epistasis and the maintenance of mtDNA polymorphism.
Yassaman Salehialavi (Master Student 2009-2010) The cost of mating and male mate choice in Megabruchidius.
Cosima Hotzy (Master Student 2009-2010) The evolution of genital morphology in seed beetles.
Sandra South (former PhD student, graduated 2011) The evolution of ornaments in Sabethine mosquitoes.
William R. Rice (Univ. of Santa Barbara) Spent part of his sabbatical in Uppsala in 2010, working on sexually antagonistic zygotic drive.
Hanne Lřvlie Did a postdoc on variation in life history traits and the evolution of animal personality 2010-2011. Now holds an assistant professorship at Linköping University.
Simone Immler Worked with the evolution of sperm form and function as a post-doc in my lab 2009-2010. Now holds a research professorship at the University of Uppsala.
Trine Bilde Worked with inbreeding and genetic compatibility as a Marie-Curie post doc (2006-2009). Now holds a professorship at the University of Aarhus.
Johanna Rönn (former PhD student, graduated 2009); Male-female coevolution in Bruchid beetles.
Mari Katvala Worked with male-female coevolution in Bruchid beetles as a Finnish Academy post-doc in my lab 2004-2007.
Dianna Steiner (former Master student) Worked with the costs of mating to males in Sabethes mosquitoes in 2008.
Damian Dowling Worked with the role of mtDNA in sperm competition as a Wennergren Foundation post-doc in my lab 2004-2007. Now at Monash University.
Alexei Maklakov Worked with sexual conflict, life histories and the evolution of senescence as a Marie-Curie post-doc in my lab 2004-2006. Now holds a research professorship at the University of Uppsala.
Claudia Fricke (former PhD student, graduated 2006); The evolution of postmating prezygotic isolation: patterns and processes. Now at Münster University.
Urban Friberg (former PhD student, graduated 2006); Sexual conflict and sexual selection. Now holds a research professorship at the University of Linköping
Martin Edvardsson (former PhD student; graduated 2005); Cryptic female choice and male mating behaviour. Now at ANU in Sydney.
Tina Nilsson (former PhD student; graduated 2004); Polyandry and the evolution of reproductive divergence in insects.
Locke Rowe (Univ. of Toronto, Canada); Visiting scientist on sabbatical (2000-2001).
Ted Morrow Worked with sexual conflict, speciation and bed bug mating systems as a post doc in my lab 2001-2003. Now at the University of Sussex.
José A. Andrés Worked with sexual conflict and mating system evolution in insects as a Marie-Curie finanzed post doc in my lab 1999-2001. Now holds a faculty position at the University of Saskatchewan.


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A selection of mostly past members of the lab...

Standing from left: Martin Edvardsson, Göran Arnqvist, Tina Nilsson.

Sitting from left: Urban Friberg, Claudia Fricke, Mari Katvala.

Inserted are Sandra South (top left),  Johanna Rönn (bottom left),  Alexei Maklakov (bottom right), Trine Bilde (mid right) and Damian Dowling (top right).


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